Laguna Beach Weddings 01.jpg
Laguna Beach Weddings 02.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 03.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 04.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 05.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 06.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 07.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 08.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 09.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 10.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 11.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 12.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 13.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 14.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 15.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 16.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 17.jpgLaguna Beach Weddings 18.jpg

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Kumi and George tied the knot a couple of weeks ago at the beautiful First Congregational Church of Pasadena. These two are such a great couple who seemlessly planned their wedding on a shorter timeline than most. One of the first clues that these two were going to be a fun couple to work with was when they shared that their were going to create their wedding around the movie "Up", yes, that's right, Up! I love, love, love that movie and so I was hooked. They travel a lot and thought that it was only a perfect theme which I couldn't agree with more. From walking down the aisle to a live quartet playing the Up song "Married Life" to the adorable decor at their reception, Kumi and George really threw an amazingly beautiful wedding. I nearly cried watching Kumi walk up the aisle to that song. It was perfection and a special day that I won't forget.

Pasadena Wedding photographer 1.jpg
Pasadena Wedding photographer 2.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 3.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 4.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 5.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 6.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 7.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 8.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 9.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer10.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer11.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer12.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer13.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer14.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer15.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer16.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer17.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer18.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer19.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer20.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer21.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer22.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer23.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer24.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer25.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer26.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer27.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer28.jpg

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McCormick Home Ranch, Camarillo

Abigail and Brian were a breeze to work with! I think Abigail may very well be the first bride that has never complained about her cheeks hurting from smiling so much on her wedding day because she is always smiling anyways. I love that! These two are as happy as can be and I rarely had to guide them because they were having such a great time with each other. I loved the rustic feel of this wedding. The McCormick Home Ranch is a great venue for weddings and I hope to get the opportunity to go back there again ;) Here are a few of my favorites ...
mccormick home ranch weddings 01.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 02.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 03.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 04.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 05.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 06.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 07.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 08.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 09.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 10.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 11.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 12.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 13.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 14.jpg

mccormick home ranch weddings 15.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 16.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 17.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 18.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 19.jpg

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Abigail says:

Stephanie, you did it again!! These are absolutely amazing. Having you photograph our wedding was the best decision we made. Thank you for taking great pictures which will be amazing memories for a lifetime to come. You truly are amazing, I am impressed with every picture. THANK YOU!!

(12.07.12 @ 10:30 PM)
Brian Parks says:

Wonderful photographs Stephanie! You truly have a special gift! You perfectly captured our special day!

(12.07.12 @ 11:14 PM)
Diana Borzi says:

Beautiful, simply beautiful! Loved all the poses, especially the boots on the chair.

(12.10.12 @ 11:20 AM)
Mete says:

wow! amazing pictures!

(12.10.12 @ 12:03 PM)
Yoli Strickland says:

Love, love, love these pictures. Great job Stephanie. Abby and Brian, you look amazing, very photogenic. Love boot and chair picture and the theme pics leading up to kissing the groom, and of course those darling little Flower Girls!! :-)

(12.10.12 @ 02:04 PM)
Beth Corrin says:

I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. It is fun to relive every moment of the day. Stephanie - you are truly a great photographer. Of course Brian and Abigail were also "fun" to work with ...

(12.10.12 @ 10:53 PM)
Kimberly Perez says:

The pictures are so beautiful! Brian and Abby look amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of them!

(12.11.12 @ 08:34 AM)
Darlene Roberson says:

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Steve & I enjoyed your wedding very, very much! Thank you for including us on your special day!

(12.13.12 @ 09:36 PM)
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Gaby and Louie are a wonderful couple who got married in Los Angeles. Since their reception was in Pasadena, we headed for Pasadena City Hall and took advantage of all it's beauty for a nice long portrait session. Fun stuff! These two are definitely going to have a long and very happy marriage. Here's a little sneak peek of their wedding.
Los Angeles Wedding photographer 1.jpg
Los Angeles Wedding photographer 2.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 3.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 4.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 5.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 6.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 7.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 8.jpg
Los Angeles Wedding photographer 9.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 10.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 11.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 12.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 13.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 14.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 15.jpg

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SHAUN says:


(12.06.12 @ 01:18 PM)
Ruthie says:

Gaby you are beaming!!! Gorgeous pictures!! Makes me wanna see more!! You guys look truly happy!! And I am SO glad I was able 2 be a part of it! Now enjoy the rest of your lives 2gether. This is only the beginning :) luv n kisses

(12.06.12 @ 07:45 PM)
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Lee and Greg | The Langham Hotel and The Maxwell House, Pasadena

Langham Pasadena Weddings 01.jpg
Langham Pasadena Weddings 02.jpgLangham Pasadena Weddings 03.jpgLangham Pasadena Weddings 04.jpgLangham Pasadena Weddings 05.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 06.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 07.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 08.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 09.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 10.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 11.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 12.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 13.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 14.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 15.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 16.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 17.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 18.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 19.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 20.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 21.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 22.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 23.jpgThe Maxwell House Weddings 24.jpg

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Jessi Kaufman says:

Stephanie, these are fantastic! You captured the joy of Lee & Greg so beautifully! THANK YOU!!!

(11.05.12 @ 12:52 PM)
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