This shoot was SO much fun and transpired when my good friend, Alice Hu, and I got together for lunch and decided we wanted to shoot something a little different. Something inspired from the assorted and edgy ads in W Magazine. This is what came together. We had a blast working with all the girls involved. Thank you to everyone for all of your help. Names and specific details listed below:

Orange County Wedding Photographer 001.jpg
Orange County Wedding Photographer 002.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 003.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 004.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 005.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 006.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 007.jpg
Jordi Salomon
Rachel Johnson

Makeup Artist:
Michelle Jone (Rachel's makeup)
Monica Guzman (Jordi's makeup)

Hair Stylist:
Brianna Torre

Moi - Stephanie Ann Photography-

Ferndales Bridal -

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Rangesh Rangaswamy says:

Awesome photography, Nice work.

INDIA(South Asia)

(10.10.12 @ 10:27 AM)
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Last month I headed out to WPPI, the big convention for wedding and portrait photographers, in Las Vegas. While there, my friend, Alice Hu, set up a fantastic photo shoot just for the fun of it. It was at the El Dorado Ghost Town just outside Las Vegas, NV. It was such a ball to shoot these fantastic models in such a gorgeous and wonderfully vintage backdrop. Soooo up my alley :-) Here are a few of my favorites from the day and it was hard to pick. Thank you to everyone involved. It was a perfect day!
El Dorado Ghost Town 01.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 02.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 03.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 03b.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 04.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 06.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 07.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 08.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 09.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 10.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 11.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 12.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 13.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 14.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 15.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 16.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 17.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 18.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 19.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 20.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 22.jpgEl Dorado Ghost Town 21.jpg
Shelli Anderson 
Natalie Brewster 
Marissa Knudsen 

Wedding Gowns:
Bonny Bridal -


Hair Accessories:

Special thanks to Lydia of Ever-Ours for getting us the Ban-do accessories.
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Rebeckah Cardiel says:

So nice to see you're not using all 20-year-old gals..not that that's a bad thing, but after 30, I've lost all hope in ever getting into the modeling industry. I'm 5'10" and have always been told I should do it...just never was the right time. Love your pics, btw! :)

(03.23.11 @ 01:48 PM)
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