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WEDDING | Part One

muckenthaler weddings 01.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 02.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 03.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 04.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 05.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 06.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 07.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 08.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 09.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 10.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 11.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 12.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 13.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 15.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 16.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 17.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 18.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 19.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 20.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 21.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 22.jpg
muckenthaler weddings 23.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 24.jpgmuckenthaler weddings 25.jpg

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Here's a sweet little session to put a smile on your face. I'm really in love with the way this session came out and couldn't adore Kumi and George more! The bright balloons were a fun addition that I didn't expect and we definitely made the most of having these cheerful suckers around. Kind, sweet and easy equals this lovelyness below. Thank you Kumi and George for adding a new dash of inspiration to my week. xo

Fullerton Engagement Photographer 01.jpg
Fullerton Engagement Photographer 02.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 03.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 04.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 05.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 06.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 07.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 08.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 09.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 10.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 11.jpgFullerton Engagement Photographer 12.jpg

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Lee and Greg are SUCH a great couple! They knew how to bring out the laughter in each other and not only did they have a good time with their engagement session, I did too! Growing up here in Southern California, the beach is a big part of their lives and so they decided to do their session at the beautiful beach. I truly had a fantastic time hanging out with these two and couldn't be happier with their session. Thanks Lee and Greg for making my job easy :) xo

Southern California Wedding Photographer 25.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 26.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 27.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 28.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 29.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 30.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 31.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 32.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 33.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 34.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 35.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 36.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 37.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 38.jpgSouthern California Wedding Photographer 39.jpg

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Amanda Patrice says:

Love the shot with the birds in focus!

(08.09.12 @ 12:10 PM)
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San Clemente, CA 

Lindsay and Mike tied the knot a couple of weeks ago down in San Clemente at the fantastic Casino. This venue is so cool because it used to be a casino and restaurant where many of the big stars from the 30's and 40's would go to get away from the Hollywood craziness. Recently renovated and now open for weddings, it definitely has loads of charm. Lindsay and Mike were fun and laid back on their wedding day. With everything planned and implemented perfectly by Lindsay and Britt of Sugar Branch Events, the day unfolded without a hitch. I love, love, loved capturing their fun personalities and all of the little details that really showed their fun style. From the awesome wedding flowers and ceremony details to the beautiful dessert table by Pop Culture Desserts, I was swooning all night long. 

The casino weddings 01.jpgThe casino weddings 02.jpgThe casino weddings 03.jpgThe casino weddings 04.jpgThe casino weddings 05.jpgThe casino weddings 06.jpgThe casino weddings 07.jpgThe casino weddings 08.jpgThe casino weddings 09.jpgThe casino weddings 10.jpgThe casino weddings 11.jpgThe casino weddings 12.jpgThe casino weddings 13.jpgThe casino weddings 14.jpgThe casino weddings 15.jpgThe casino weddings 16.jpgThe casino weddings 17.jpgThe casino weddings 18.jpgThe casino weddings 19.jpgThe casino weddings 20.jpgThe casino weddings 21.jpgThe casino weddings 22.jpgThe casino weddings 23.jpgThe casino weddings 24.jpgThe casino weddings 24b.jpgThe casino weddings 25.jpgThe casino weddings 26.jpgThe casino weddings 27.jpgThe casino weddings 28.jpgThe casino weddings 29.jpg
The casino weddings 30.jpg

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Daisie and Calvin went to Laguna Beach for their first date so it was only fitting that we did Part One of their engagement session there. They have loads of chemistry and that made it easy for me to capture so much love. Here are a few of my favorites from the day ...

Laguna beach engagement photos 01.jpg
Laguna beach engagement photos 02.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 03.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 04.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 05.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 06.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 07.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 08.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 09.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 10.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 11.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 12.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 13.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 14.jpgLaguna beach engagement photos 15.jpg

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Kimble says:

Your photos are amazing! The couple is absolutely goregous!

(09.13.12 @ 10:57 PM)
Laura Bradburn says:

Hi Stephanie,
These are amazing. BTW, the V Salon in the pics, with the red door is my hair salon! Look forward to working with you soon:)

(08.20.13 @ 03:06 PM)
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I am thrilled to say that DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Weddings Magazine featured one of my favorite weddings. Melissa and Joey did a beautiful job putting together the lovely details that made their wedding special and personal to them. It was such a fun day and I couldn't be happier that DIY Weddings Magazine chose to feature their wedding. Woo hoo! Thank you to Melissa and Joey as well as DIY Weddings!!!

DIY Weddings Magazine 01.png
DIY Weddings Magazine 02b.png

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This shoot was SO much fun and transpired when my good friend, Alice Hu, and I got together for lunch and decided we wanted to shoot something a little different. Something inspired from the assorted and edgy ads in W Magazine. This is what came together. We had a blast working with all the girls involved. Thank you to everyone for all of your help. Names and specific details listed below:

Orange County Wedding Photographer 001.jpg
Orange County Wedding Photographer 002.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 003.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 004.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 005.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 006.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer 007.jpg
Jordi Salomon
Rachel Johnson

Makeup Artist:
Michelle Jone (Rachel's makeup)
Monica Guzman (Jordi's makeup)

Hair Stylist:
Brianna Torre

Moi - Stephanie Ann Photography-

Ferndales Bridal -

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Rangesh Rangaswamy says:

Awesome photography, Nice work.

INDIA(South Asia)

(10.10.12 @ 10:27 AM)
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Mile Square Park, Orange County

I met up with Morgan and Bryson at Mile Square Park last week and had a great time talking and taking pictures. They are such a fun loving, sweet pair who are getting married next month. Bryson is Hawaiian and so they are going to incorporate a lot of his Hawaiian origin in their wedding with leis and pineapples! Morgan and Bryson work for Morgan's family business which is Melissa's, a produce company who just happen to supply produce for quite a few of my favorite restaurants and many more high end eateries. I need to go out and try a few NOW!! :) I had so much fun with you guys and am really looking forward to your wedding next month! xo 
Southern California engagement photographer 22 copy.jpg
Southern California engagement photographer 23.jpgSouthern California engagement photographer 24 copy.jpg
Southern California engagement photographer 32 copy.jpg
Southern California engagement photographer 25.jpgSouthern California engagement photographer 26.jpgSouthern California engagement photographer 27.jpgSouthern California engagement photographer 28.jpgSouthern California engagement photographer 29.jpgSouthern California engagement photographer 30.jpgSouthern California engagement photographer 31.jpg

Southern California engagement photographer 33.jpg

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Mena Ferreira says:

Love the pictures, the place and most of all the happiness of the couple. Congratulations!
As Carl Sandburg says: "Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by".

(05.16.12 @ 04:07 PM)
Heidi Nanigian says:

The pictures of Morgan and Bryson are beautiful! What a great setting and a beautiful day! Congratulations!

(05.16.12 @ 04:50 PM)
Primo & Linda Queja says:

Congratulations to both of you! What a beautiful setting. Love the pictures especially the ones where you're kissing.under the tree and by the water.
Can't wait until the wedding.
05.16.12 @7:50 pm

(05.16.12 @ 08:50 PM)
Dee says:

We had such a great time with Morgan doing her Hair & Makeup for her Bridal Shower & Engagement Shoot. Thanks Morgon for booking us. You look beautiful and you guys are so cute together!!! What great pictures.....Great work Stephanie Ann

(05.16.12 @ 11:30 PM)
bryson k igarta says:

Thank you so so much ! Love the pics especially Morgan's pics...... I am a lucky guy, Thanks for the blog & check my blog out too, I just hit over 18,000 members @ I also love the brief intro.

(05.17.12 @ 04:48 AM)
Jasmine Wolf says:

These pictures are beautiful! They really capture the energy of the couple and southern California's unique skyline! Great job!

(05.17.12 @ 07:14 AM)
Laura says:

Morgan, you look stunning and what a beautiful couple you are! I loved getting to style your makeup for the day, and look forward to the wedding as well!

(05.17.12 @ 08:41 AM)
Rebecca Tynan says:

These photos are BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job Stephanie! There are so many amazing shots --- if I had to choose my favorite, it would be the 14th photo of Bryson looking at Morgan. It captures them perfectly. LOVE! Cannot wait for the special day :-)

(05.17.12 @ 08:49 AM)
Kaleo, Alicia, & Kekoa says:

WIN WIN WIN!!! Nice pics...

(05.17.12 @ 08:58 AM)
Donna Schlitz says:

GR8 pictures. Morgan... you look BEAUTIFUL!!! Yu both look so HAPPY. Congratulations! :-).

(05.17.12 @ 09:12 AM)
Daniel says:

So cute! awwwee

(05.17.12 @ 11:12 AM)
frank says:

Really good pictures.!!!!!! I wish you guys nothing but happiness in your marriage.

(05.17.12 @ 11:16 AM)
Shanna says:

Beautiful pictures with a beautiful couple! I wish you both all the best!!

(05.17.12 @ 12:00 PM)
kari says:

How beautiful... What a stunning bride! Best wishes to you both! Ho'omaika'i 'ana! :)

(05.17.12 @ 12:25 PM)
haley cornell says:


(05.17.12 @ 01:21 PM)
kiki says:

I love you guys! Pictures are beautiful I hope you win :)

(05.17.12 @ 01:24 PM)
Dad says:

Congratulations Honey you look fantastic!

(05.17.12 @ 02:35 PM)
Kristyn says:

love the pics! you guys look gorg!

(05.17.12 @ 03:06 PM)
Gina says:

Gorgeous!!! You both look amazing. I can’t believe it’s almost here! I’m looking forward to your big day.

(05.17.12 @ 06:16 PM)
Morgan says:

These beautiful pictures wouldn't have been possible without the lovely Stephanie Ann Photography and Swell Beauty who did my gorgeous hair and makeup. They are both so professional and wonderful and I cannot wait to work with them for the wedding!!

(05.18.12 @ 07:34 AM)
Barbara Marty says:

O.K. they are lovily. But I'm grandmother, who felt you were lovily on day one, when I first saw you.
Yes, Bryson, in your comments, I agree with you " you are a Lucky guy" Love Ya GRAMS

(05.18.12 @ 04:04 PM)
Derek Hernandez says:

Congrats to both Morgan and Bryson! Such beautiful pictures! Love ya!

(05.18.12 @ 04:44 PM)
Uncle Bu & Aunt Sue Zuzierla says:

Very nice pictures, also the people in the picture looked good too !! LOL Wish you lot of luck.

(05.18.12 @ 04:50 PM)
grace hernandez says:

Congratulations to both of you, wish we were going! :(

(05.18.12 @ 05:37 PM)
Henry Hernandez says:


(05.18.12 @ 05:39 PM)
Denise Kruk says:

Beautiful pictures and stunning couple. Best wishes to you both!

(05.18.12 @ 08:28 PM)
bruin belle says:


(05.18.12 @ 11:45 PM)
Francie Palmer says:

Absolutely beautiful - congratulations to you both, wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

(05.19.12 @ 09:15 AM)
Krystal Magdaleno says:

These pictures are beautiful! I love them. Congrats to both of you!!

(05.19.12 @ 11:52 PM)
Kathy Millar says:

Bryson!! these pictures are beautiful!!! What a stunning couple! happiness always to you both!

(05.20.12 @ 02:37 PM)
Stefanie says:

Beautiful pictures! Gorgeous couple!

(05.20.12 @ 02:40 PM)
Debbi Minero says:

Absolutly Beautiful! Bryson, your mom would be so proud of the man you have become & I am sure would love Morgan...May you have many wonderful years together...

(05.20.12 @ 06:47 PM)
Shelley Sake says:

Awww.....I love the pictures! Morgan - you look beautiful (and Bryson doesn't look too shabby either)! Wish you all the best - it won't be long now!

(05.21.12 @ 12:04 PM)
Sharon says:

What an Awesome Venue with the Happy Couple!!!!!!!!!! Very Excited to be a part of this event!

(05.21.12 @ 03:01 PM)
Michael Marty says:

Neet poses. Let the count down begin.

(05.21.12 @ 08:01 PM)
Skylar Tynan says:

Morgan you look so pretty! I love the pictures :0)

(05.22.12 @ 08:49 AM)
Tim Tynan says:

Very nice pics. Congratulations Morgan & Bryson!

(05.22.12 @ 08:50 AM)
Grace says:

The black & white pics look fabulous! congrats

(05.22.12 @ 09:30 AM)
Christine Mallon says:

These are lovely, and Morgan looks absolutely beautiful!

(05.22.12 @ 09:31 AM)
Thoa Le says:

Beautiful Pictures. Congratulations to both of you.
Thanks for sharing them Trudy.

(05.22.12 @ 09:34 AM)
Sheila Thomas says:

Great photos - beautiful setting and happy couple! Congratulations.

(05.22.12 @ 10:10 AM)
Judi Spiegel says:

Stunning! Wishing you decades of love abounding and good health!

(05.22.12 @ 10:17 AM)
Terry M. says:

Great Photography! Congratulations to the new couple.

(05.22.12 @ 10:47 AM)
June Cacho says:

Thanks for sharing your great pictures. Good Luck to a loving lasting mariage!

(05.22.12 @ 01:53 PM)
Tiffany says:

You make a lovely couple! These photos are beautiful!

(05.22.12 @ 03:49 PM)
Cynthia says:

Congratulations! Love the Photos! Thanks for sharing them Trudy.

(05.22.12 @ 03:49 PM)
Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Lisa says:

The pictures are beautiful. We are looking forward to your special day!

(05.22.12 @ 04:24 PM)
david says:

wow morgan you look great

(05.22.12 @ 04:55 PM)
Malia igarta says:

Beautiful photography! I love them! Bryson and Morgan, you guys look amazing. Cant wait to get a picture to put in a frame in our house. Love you both so much

(05.22.12 @ 11:36 PM)
Trudy Hernandez says:

Ke Aloha Morgan & Bryson: Sooooooo beautiful!!!!! I have a million favorites. Priceless as both of you are to us! Me Ke Aloha Pumehana MOM

(05.23.12 @ 10:13 AM)
Marcie says:

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

(05.23.12 @ 03:24 PM)
Betsy Busa says:

Best wishes to the lovely young couple! From Betsy, an old Peace Corps buddy of Mike's.

(05.23.12 @ 06:18 PM)
Sara Zaragoza says:

Beautiful pictures! Best wishes on your wedding :)

(05.24.12 @ 10:44 AM)
Lorena Martinez says:

Wonderful moments caught on each of these pictures. Best wishes for a blessed life together.

(05.24.12 @ 01:59 PM)
jamie says:

gorgeous pictures! can't wait for the wedding

(05.25.12 @ 07:39 AM)
Leslie Lim says:

These photos are breathless and goregous ! What a beautiful bride and groom !! I wish you two all the best on your wedding day and a wonderful life together ! :)

(05.25.12 @ 11:39 AM)
jessica says:

what beautiful pictures!! love your dress

(05.25.12 @ 11:59 AM)
Ana Bryant says:

What a beautiful couple! May God shower you with abundant blessings.

(05.25.12 @ 02:16 PM)
Stephanie Sage says:

Wow! Beautiful pictures.

(05.25.12 @ 02:18 PM)
Aki says:

Ho'omaika'i! What a beautiful couple - mahalo for sharing Trudy!

(05.25.12 @ 03:43 PM)
tara says:

LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! these look amazing!

(05.25.12 @ 04:30 PM)
Jodi Nygard says:

Morgan and Bryson: Wow, your engagement photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with me. Love, Jodi

(05.27.12 @ 08:25 AM)
Leslee Detillo says:

Very sweet photos! Best wishes to Morgan and Bryson!!!

(05.27.12 @ 08:56 AM)
Monique Enriquez says:

Your pictures are absolutely stunning. Well wishes to the Happy Couple. Morgan you make your Mom so proud!

(06.13.12 @ 12:08 PM)
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Balboa Island, Newport Beach

Here is a gorgeous couple that I was fortunate enough to meet through Sugar Branch Events. Lindsay and Mike are hilarious! We had such a great time walking around Balboa last week that I truly cannot wait for their wedding next month. She just happens to be super creative and the ideas for their wedding are enough to make me jump with joy. They are such a sweet, nice and beautiful couple. Thank you for walking all over Newport for me and braving the crazy but beautiful cloudy weather. xo

Orange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 01.jpg
Orange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 02.jpg
Orange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 03.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 04.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 05.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 06.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 07.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 08.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 09.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 10.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 11.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 12.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 13.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 14.jpgOrange County Wedding Photographer Balboa 15.jpg

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Britt - Sugar Branch Events says:

These are adorable! I love the natural simplicity of them. The pics under the pier are my faves. You always impress me, Steph....though it never hurts to have such a good looking couple! ;)

(05.14.12 @ 03:55 PM)
amanda doublin says:

awesome awesome awesome! just like you!!!!

(05.14.12 @ 08:17 PM)
Natalie Rinehart says:


(05.14.12 @ 08:51 PM)
kate d says:

i love them!! very sweet

(05.15.12 @ 06:49 AM)
Kim Driesbach says:

Wonderful pictures!

(05.22.12 @ 08:47 AM)
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I headed up to Malaga Cove in Palos Verdes this last weekend to capture Angela and Matt's engagement session. Angela and Matt met while working at the local newspaper in Palos Verdes and thought it was only appropriate to take their engagement pictures where they met. I grew up going to Malaga Cove because this is where my Dad grew up and where Grandma lives. It's a very special place to me, with lots of amazing memories. It's always the serene beautiful view that takes my breath away. I don't know if there is a more romantic spot for an engagement session. Angela and Matt made the most of the romantic air and did a fantastic job showing their love for the camera. They rocked it! Thanks guys. I can't wait for your wedding in July! xopalos verdes engagement photography01.jpg
palos verdes engagement photography02.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography03.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography04.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography05.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography05b.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography06.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography07.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography08.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography08b.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography09.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography10.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography11.jpgpalos verdes engagement photography12.jpg

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Rachel Meyer says:

Great photos!!!

(05.01.12 @ 01:24 PM)
Susan Hokenson says:

Beautiful pictures. Congrats!

(05.01.12 @ 01:48 PM)
Robert says:

:) Awesome couple. God bless you guys and congratulations.

(05.01.12 @ 02:29 PM)
Amanda Sabrowsky says:

WOW... Angela and Matt You guy's are in a magical part in your life and I wish you guy's alot of love also happieness together. and may God bless both of you guys each and every day.

from: Amanda May :)

(05.01.12 @ 04:09 PM)
Mom says:

So far each one is my favorite!

(05.01.12 @ 04:57 PM)
Susie Lopez says:

Lovely photos! You both look wonderful!!

(05.01.12 @ 05:02 PM)
evelyn says:

Wow! What a nice collection! I am sure your wedding photos will be amazing!

(05.01.12 @ 05:19 PM)
Carey Bryson says:

Those are amazing photos! You two look so natural in them. I can't wait to see the wedding photos!

(05.01.12 @ 06:39 PM)
Marilyn Sherod says:

Bill and I think these photos are outstanding! Love & God's blessings for always.

(05.01.12 @ 06:57 PM)
Sarah says:

I absolutely ADORE the black and white picture of the two of you laughing. These pictures are wonderful, just like the two of you. =]

(05.01.12 @ 08:46 PM)
Mary Jo Barnes says:

My Favorite is the two of you in color sitting on the steps. They all are fantastic though. Great job guys! Can't wait til the big day in July. GOD bless you abundantly today and always.

(05.01.12 @ 09:50 PM)
Beth Sabrowsky says:

Beautiful photos! I am so excited for the wedding. It's going to be wonderful! :)

(05.02.12 @ 06:08 AM)
Carolyn Baumann says:

With you guys, and I growing up in Caliif. (Redondo Beach) my favorites are the ones with the ocean in the background...and the absolute fav is the one with the bright bouganivilla flowers behind, again love the flowers so "SO CAL "you really look happy and relaxed and the texture colors contrast gorgeous. HANDSOME COUPLE you could be models! God Bless cant' wait to see you in July!

(05.02.12 @ 03:07 PM)
Martha says:

Love the photos and your necklaces!

(05.02.12 @ 07:02 PM)
Cendy Nelson says:

How beautiful and romantic. Just imagine how lovely it will be looking back at these photos as you celebrate your 75th Anniversary! So happy for you two.

(05.02.12 @ 07:52 PM)
Sister says:

ADORABLE! Who dressed you?? She must have impeccable taste. ;)

(05.02.12 @ 11:03 PM)
Laye says:

Absolutely Beautiful!!

(05.02.12 @ 11:03 PM)
alyx says:

loved the one of you two kissing in the yellow flowers. adorable!

(05.02.12 @ 11:22 PM)
Rose Sangco says:

Everything looks very nice, i love the one with the bougainvillea background.

(05.02.12 @ 11:25 PM)
sam gjerde says:

congrats angela! Beautiful pictures :)

(05.03.12 @ 12:19 AM)
LeeAndra says:

Composition of these shots is great - beautiful pictures! Can't wait for July!

(05.03.12 @ 06:41 AM)
Bob Ewing says:

Alisha, congratulations on the beginning of your new life as a wife.

(05.03.12 @ 06:47 AM)
Barb P. says:

Beautiful! You two look so happy!!!

(05.03.12 @ 09:28 AM)
jan kopaskie says:

very nice pictures

(05.03.12 @ 09:58 AM)
aunt floss says:

Love the pictures-from casual to romantic!

(05.04.12 @ 10:35 PM)
melissa says:

Very cute! My favorite is the B&W one of you two sitting on the steps!

(05.24.12 @ 10:04 PM)
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Black Gold Golf Course, Yorba Linda

I shot Amanda and Edwards wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was such an amazingly beautiful day! The gorgeous weather was a Godsend since it had poured just the day before. Amanda couldn't wait to get married and when she walked back down the aisle after saying "I do", I could see SO much joy in her smile that I just couldn't stop smiling myself. They are such a great couple and I was very honored to shoot their wedding. Thank you for having me be a part of your AMAZING day! xo

Black Gold Golf Course Weddings 01.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Weddings 02.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Weddings 03.jpg
Black Gold Golf Course Weddings 04.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Weddings 05.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Weddings 06.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Weddings 07.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 08.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 09.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 10.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 11.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 12.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 13.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 14.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 15.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 16.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 17.jpgBlack Gold Golf Course Yorba Linda Weddings 18.jpg

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Rancho Las Lomas, Orange County

I had so much capturing the wedding of Audriana and Jed with Amanda Doublin! My dear friend and fabulous photographer, Amanda  and I always have fun working together so when I got to second shoot with her at Rancho Las Lomas, I was thrilled! And, look at this couple ... they are so sweet, cute as can be and have wonderful style. Audriana's dress was from Anthropologie. LOVE! Check out their details and gorgeousness ...

Rancho Las Lomas Weddings 01.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 02.jpg
Rancho Las Lomas Weddings 03.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 04.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 05.jpg
Rancho Las Lomas Weddings 06.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 08.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 09.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 10.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 11.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 12.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 13.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 14.jpg
Rancho Las Lomas Weddings 15.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 16.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 17.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 18.jpgRancho Las Lomas Weddings 19.jpg
Rancho Las Lomas Weddings 20.jpg

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Here are the ever so lovely, Casey and Andrew who were nothing short of a joy to work with. We had a great time hanging out on such a beautiful morning. Seriously, what a great way to start my day! My favorite part was when Andrew picked a few flowers while I was taking Casey's picture and he handed her this mini wild flower bouquet. Adorable! Thanks for making the trek down in the morning Casey and Andrew. I truly had a ball working with you and cannot wait for your wedding!!! xo

OrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 01.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 02.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 03.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 05.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 04.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 06.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 07.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 08.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 09.jpgOrangeCountyEngagementPhotographer 10.jpg

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Beautiful pictures!!! xoxo

(03.12.12 @ 10:23 AM)
Debbie S. says:

What a cute couple and beautiful pictures!

(03.12.12 @ 11:27 AM)
Amber says:

Amazing pictures! I love them!

(03.12.12 @ 12:02 PM)
Steve says:

Wow you guys look nice. Heck of alot better than the other ones.

(03.12.12 @ 10:28 PM)
Andy says:

Andy looks very handsome and Casey is alright too!

(03.12.12 @ 10:30 PM)
Joe says:

Awesome pictures!! You both look great! Congrats!!!

(03.13.12 @ 09:55 AM)
JKM says:

Great pictures!! Love you guys!!

(03.13.12 @ 09:56 AM)
Jessica Mow says:

LOVE the pictures of your two! The last one where you are holding the little flower is way cool too :)

(03.13.12 @ 11:05 AM)
Kris Baty says:

Wow! Awesome pics!!! Casey you look beautiful and Andrew, you look so grown up without the goggles!!! Cant wait for the wedding =)

(03.13.12 @ 02:20 PM)
Angela Baty says:

Great pics guys! You make an awesome couple!

(03.13.12 @ 02:21 PM)
Grandma Fountain says:

Is this my baby grandson getting married to such a beautiful girl, WOW
What happened to the glasses Abdrew??? Love you both!!!

(03.13.12 @ 03:09 PM)
Allison Schrey says:

These are AMAZING pictures :) Good job finding a photographer that really captures you too :) I like the one where Casey is laughing at shows the real couple :)

(03.14.12 @ 01:33 PM)
Jo says:

Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures! They are a good lookin' pair :) Thanks for sharing!

(03.22.12 @ 09:38 AM)
Ruby B. says:

Love, love the pictures, so cute. Your guys are a great couple!

(03.22.12 @ 11:47 AM)
kay says:

Beautiful pics. Beautiful couple. Amazing!!! yay congrats.

(03.22.12 @ 12:26 PM)
Don (casey's dad!) says:

The pictures look great, Casey you are beautiful!
Andy your o.k. and you were having a good hair day! We are so happy for you both!

(03.23.12 @ 11:52 AM)
Molly R. says:

these pictures are wonderful! you are a beautiful couple!

(03.28.12 @ 10:23 AM)
Julie says:

I love these pictures, I think they capture who you guys are and the love that you share. I am so excited for both of you! You are so sweet together.

(04.01.12 @ 04:18 PM)
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Sarah and Sam got married last month and it was such an emotionally packed day that I literally had tears in my eyes as I edited this wedding. After postponing their wedding, not once, but twice, due to Sam's hectic schedule (he's in the Coast Guard), watching them say their I Do's was absolutely wonderful. Of course, watching them brush their own tears away added to my own tears. I really loved capturing their wedding day and hope to work with them again as they move forward with their life together. Such a lovely, wonderful, sweet and amazing day! Thank you Sarah and Sam for being such a wonderful couple to work with. I feel so lucky to have met you and capture such a momentous day in your lives! xo

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Britt - Sugar Branch Events says:

Her dress and her dad's tie rock my world!

(05.14.12 @ 04:01 PM)
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This last week Sarah and Paul's engagement session was featured in Something Turquoise This is perfect because of, not only, their adorableness but Sarah was decked out in turquoise for most of the session. I loved this engagement session for how natural they were and the easiness of their love. Thanks Something Turquoise for always sharing such great inspiration and sharing the love!

SomethingTurquoise 01.png

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So, I walked into my little loft studio this last week and found a package on my desk, just waiting for me to open it. To my surprise it was a copy of Ceremony Magazine that one of my amazing brides sent to me because we were all being featured in it! What a fun package to receive! Ruby thank you for thinking of me and sending it over. I had no idea you were in there and it was so much fun to relive your wedding day again! xoxo
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Ceremony Magazine 02.png
Ceremony Magazine 03.png

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You may have seen Part One of Amy and Ethan's wedding here: PART ONE. Here is second post because there were to many fun pictures that I loved. Amy and Ethan are fun and hilarious in a nutshell. They got married at the Elvis Honeymoon House in Palm Springs and had their reception at The Movie Colony Hotel which was completely amazing. What a fun, retro, gorgeous filled night! 

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2012 Bride's Choice Awards | Best Wedding Photographers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florists, Wedding Planners

Well, I am so darn far behind in my blog posts, but I wanted to at least take a second and post this lovely award from WeddingWire. WeddingWire is such a great website where couples can search for their wedding vendors all in one spot and read the reviews so they know what they are getting before they actually make a purchase. So cool! Anyways, I can definitely say that I was happy to have gotten this and just wanted to share.        
Please come back in the next few weeks as I will be FINALLY back on the blog bandwagon again and sharing all of the wedding and engagement beauty I've been working on. See you soon!

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