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Long Beach engagement photographer 1.jpg
Long Beach engagement photographer 2_1.jpgLong Beach engagement photographer 3_1.jpgLong Beach engagement photographer 4_1.jpgLong Beach engagement photographer 5.jpgLong Beach engagement photographer 6_1.jpgLong Beach engagement photographer 7.jpgLong Beach engagement photographer 8_1.jpgLong Beach engagement photographer 9.jpg

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Kumi and George tied the knot a couple of weeks ago at the beautiful First Congregational Church of Pasadena. These two are such a great couple who seemlessly planned their wedding on a shorter timeline than most. One of the first clues that these two were going to be a fun couple to work with was when they shared that their were going to create their wedding around the movie "Up", yes, that's right, Up! I love, love, love that movie and so I was hooked. They travel a lot and thought that it was only a perfect theme which I couldn't agree with more. From walking down the aisle to a live quartet playing the Up song "Married Life" to the adorable decor at their reception, Kumi and George really threw an amazingly beautiful wedding. I nearly cried watching Kumi walk up the aisle to that song. It was perfection and a special day that I won't forget.

Pasadena Wedding photographer 1.jpg
Pasadena Wedding photographer 2.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 3.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 4.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 5.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 6.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 7.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 8.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer 9.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer10.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer11.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer12.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer13.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer14.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer15.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer16.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer17.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer18.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer19.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer20.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer21.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer22.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer23.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer24.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer25.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer26.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer27.jpgPasadena Wedding photographer28.jpg

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McCormick Home Ranch, Camarillo

Abigail and Brian were a breeze to work with! I think Abigail may very well be the first bride that has never complained about her cheeks hurting from smiling so much on her wedding day because she is always smiling anyways. I love that! These two are as happy as can be and I rarely had to guide them because they were having such a great time with each other. I loved the rustic feel of this wedding. The McCormick Home Ranch is a great venue for weddings and I hope to get the opportunity to go back there again ;) Here are a few of my favorites ...
mccormick home ranch weddings 01.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 02.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 03.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 04.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 05.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 06.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 07.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 08.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 09.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 10.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 11.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 12.jpgmccormick home ranch weddings 13.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 14.jpg

mccormick home ranch weddings 15.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 16.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 17.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 18.jpg
mccormick home ranch weddings 19.jpg

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Abigail says:

Stephanie, you did it again!! These are absolutely amazing. Having you photograph our wedding was the best decision we made. Thank you for taking great pictures which will be amazing memories for a lifetime to come. You truly are amazing, I am impressed with every picture. THANK YOU!!

(12.07.12 @ 10:30 PM)
Brian Parks says:

Wonderful photographs Stephanie! You truly have a special gift! You perfectly captured our special day!

(12.07.12 @ 11:14 PM)
Diana Borzi says:

Beautiful, simply beautiful! Loved all the poses, especially the boots on the chair.

(12.10.12 @ 11:20 AM)
Mete says:

wow! amazing pictures!

(12.10.12 @ 12:03 PM)
Yoli Strickland says:

Love, love, love these pictures. Great job Stephanie. Abby and Brian, you look amazing, very photogenic. Love boot and chair picture and the theme pics leading up to kissing the groom, and of course those darling little Flower Girls!! :-)

(12.10.12 @ 02:04 PM)
Beth Corrin says:

I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. It is fun to relive every moment of the day. Stephanie - you are truly a great photographer. Of course Brian and Abigail were also "fun" to work with ...

(12.10.12 @ 10:53 PM)
Kimberly Perez says:

The pictures are so beautiful! Brian and Abby look amazing! I can't wait to see the rest of them!

(12.11.12 @ 08:34 AM)
Darlene Roberson says:

Absolutely beautiful pictures! Steve & I enjoyed your wedding very, very much! Thank you for including us on your special day!

(12.13.12 @ 09:36 PM)
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Gaby and Louie are a wonderful couple who got married in Los Angeles. Since their reception was in Pasadena, we headed for Pasadena City Hall and took advantage of all it's beauty for a nice long portrait session. Fun stuff! These two are definitely going to have a long and very happy marriage. Here's a little sneak peek of their wedding.
Los Angeles Wedding photographer 1.jpg
Los Angeles Wedding photographer 2.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 3.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 4.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 5.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 6.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 7.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 8.jpg
Los Angeles Wedding photographer 9.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 10.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 11.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 12.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 13.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 14.jpgLos Angeles Wedding photographer 15.jpg

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SHAUN says:


(12.06.12 @ 01:18 PM)
Ruthie says:

Gaby you are beaming!!! Gorgeous pictures!! Makes me wanna see more!! You guys look truly happy!! And I am SO glad I was able 2 be a part of it! Now enjoy the rest of your lives 2gether. This is only the beginning :) luv n kisses

(12.06.12 @ 07:45 PM)
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Gaby and Louie wanted to meet up at the beautifully elegant Bradbury building to start their engagement session. I fell in love with this place immediately. This building has amazing details which is something I can most definitely appreciate. Living in Orange County, I don't venture up to Los Angeles very often so I really had a great time walking around downtown and visiting several amazing areas where Gaby used to study for her degree. Gaby and Louie are such a nice couple and I loved trying something a little different for their engagement session. Walking around and getting to know them a little more was definitely a good time. Thank you for showing me around town!
los angeles engagement photos 01.jpglos angeles engagement photos 02.jpg
los angeles engagement photos 03.jpglos angeles engagement photos 04.jpglos angeles engagement photos 05.jpglos angeles engagement photos 06.jpglos angeles engagement photos 07.jpglos angeles engagement photos 08.jpglos angeles engagement photos 09.jpglos angeles engagement photos 10.jpglos angeles engagement photos 11.jpglos angeles engagement photos 12.jpglos angeles engagement photos 13.jpglos angeles engagement photos 14.jpg

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Jessie Salazar says:

Love the pictures! They came out great!

(09.12.12 @ 01:56 PM)
America Lomeli says:

Beautiful pictures!

(09.12.12 @ 08:06 PM)
Armida Smith says:

You two look FABULOUS! The pictures are AMAZING.

(09.12.12 @ 09:52 PM)
Eric Salazar says:

Looking good. Congrats on the great pics. Bradbury building is awesome!

(09.12.12 @ 09:58 PM)
Manal Badawy says:

You guys look hot..Love the pics :)

(09.12.12 @ 10:35 PM)
Cathy Mora says:

These pictures worth a million words!

(09.12.12 @ 11:05 PM)
Monica Meza says:

Both look great and super happy!!! Lot' s of blessings to these love birds!!!:)

(09.12.12 @ 11:15 PM)
Lilia Matinez says:

You guys look wonderful! I love the black and white pics!

(09.12.12 @ 11:29 PM)
ruth guerra says:

Louie looks so handsome n u look radiant in ur yellow dress mamas. LOVE the kool location n the black n whites. Above all u guys look really happy n in love :) Can't wait 4 the big day! Besos

(09.13.12 @ 01:18 AM)
shaun gallivan says:

awww....beautiful and gorgeous.....I LOVE ALL THE PICS!! SO SO HAPPY FOR YOUR ENGAGEMENT !

(09.13.12 @ 06:04 AM)
Lily Cruz says:

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

(09.13.12 @ 06:48 AM)
Christina says:

Love them! Gorgeous!!! :-)

(09.13.12 @ 01:32 PM)
Janette Gonzales says:

Lovely couple! The pics are so nice can't wait for the BIG DAY!

(09.13.12 @ 07:35 PM)
Belen says:

Stunning!! You guys look great! Beautiful pictures! :)

(09.14.12 @ 08:33 AM)
Sylvia says:

You guys look amazing!!! Wonderful pictures!!

(09.17.12 @ 09:03 PM)
Ari says:

Gaby you look beautiful! Louie's a bit dashing himself. Love you guys! Can't wait to see you!

(09.18.12 @ 04:20 PM)
Mariana Lomeli says:

LOVE these pics!! You guys looks great!!! I love you both so much. I can't wait to see you on your BIG day!!!

(09.30.12 @ 10:37 AM)
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Nicole and Martijn are world travelers and daters! Martijn is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam and happened to meet Nicole up in San Francisco where they decided to start dating. How do you date overseas? Skype! And, Nicole is a teacher so every chance she had, Nicole would fly to Amsterdam, or Martijn would fly to San Francisco. Together they have traveled enough miles to fly around the world 7 times! So, obviously planes had to be a part of their session ... psshh, duh!

They are getting married in October and I can't wait. They are both hilarious and kept me laughing throughout the shoot with their quirky and fun humor! Definitely my kind of people and I feel honored to capture them. Here are a few of my faves. 

los angeles engagement photographer 01.jpg
los angeles engagement photographer 02.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 03.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 04_1.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 05.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 06.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 07.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 08_1.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 09.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 10.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 11.jpg
And .... cue the deer!
los angeles engagement photographer 12.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 13.jpg
A little telephone action ... I was dying! Nicole translated for me as well as teaching some dutch. I can't repeat the words here ...
los angeles engagement photographer 14.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 15.jpglos angeles engagement photographer 16.jpg

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Sandy Eandi says:

You did a beautiful job. You really captured their essence.

(08.30.12 @ 10:34 PM)
Micha says:

Cool pictures! No need to repeat the telephone call, it's clear looking at their faces :-)

(08.31.12 @ 12:55 AM)
Charlotte and Waldemar Held says:

Very nice pictures. We love to see Nicole and Martijn together and we enjoyed to look at all the photos.

(08.31.12 @ 01:15 AM)
Callie says:

beautiful pics!

(08.31.12 @ 03:30 PM)
Laura says:

I love seen that not only they have a very natural background but Nicole and Martijn are expressing themselves in their natural ways and manners :) Is great that you made them feel so comfortable with the photo session and have fun with it!

(09.03.12 @ 11:43 AM)
Irene Wolfferts says:

Super your pilot series! Plus the rest!!! Beautiful couple!

(09.04.12 @ 02:28 PM)
Sadaf says:

Great pictures! You both make a lovely couple!
Btw, A got super excited to see your pictures said "pretty teacher Nicole" and ran to see if you were at the door.

(09.04.12 @ 11:09 PM)
Jo says:

OMGosh......such awesome photo's ! I love them all. It will be difficult to pick just one.
Can't wait for the wedding and the photo's from that!
So happy for both of them. Cheers! To a very long and happy life together!! xoxo, Jo

(09.08.12 @ 02:22 PM)
Michael Murray says:

Loved them all. especially the B&W's in front of the plane!

(09.13.12 @ 12:35 PM)
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From UCLA to Pacific Palisades to Malibu, Abigail and Brian laughed their way through the shoot, having a great time with the entire session. I really enjoyed getting to know them better and cruising around the beautiful sights of Los Angeles, which I don't get to do often. In fact, I have never been to UCLA and was thrilled with the beauty of the architecture as well as the couple within it :) Check out my favorites from their session here:

Los Angeles Engagement photos 01.jpg
Los Angeles Engagement photos 02.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 03.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 04.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 05.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 06.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 07.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 08.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 09.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 10.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 11.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 12.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 13.jpgLos Angeles Engagement photos 14.jpg

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Abigail says:

I am in LOVE with these pictures, of course, I am biased because they are mine. Thank you for being so amazing Stephanie, you did a GREAT job!

(08.22.12 @ 04:58 PM)
Wendy says:

These are great! Love the classic shots and the Chevy Truck ones as well :)

(08.22.12 @ 05:11 PM)
Emrah says:

Awesome pictures! Congrats...

(08.22.12 @ 05:16 PM)
Brian says:

Such a fun time taking pictures with Staphanie!

(08.22.12 @ 05:18 PM)
Nam says:

Very nice pics. I especially like the black and white ones; I'm partial to black and white. The B&W ones at UCLA and walking barefoot at the beach are my favorites. I think they capture you two very well, IMO. Yes, I notice them boots!

(08.22.12 @ 05:20 PM)
Linda says:

What a great looking couple, beautiful pictures too!

(08.22.12 @ 05:24 PM)
Sue Parks says:

Wonderful pics of a wonderful couple. They are brilliant as well. Super job Stephanie!!!

(08.22.12 @ 05:29 PM)
Liz says:

beautiful photos guys! i can't decide which is my fave though! they all capture a different element of your relationship! can't wait to see the wedding pics now..... :)

(08.22.12 @ 05:39 PM)
Kim Kaminski says:

These pics are great! What a beautiful, happy couple!

(08.22.12 @ 05:44 PM)
Madison says:

WOW! These are amazing! You both look gorgeous and so happy! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! xo

(08.22.12 @ 05:48 PM)
Alison Grantham says:

Beautiful photos!

(08.22.12 @ 05:55 PM)
Gorkem says:

Oh my God, you guys look so great together. I especially love the red dress, so beautiful, oh now I am so excited for the wedding!!!

(08.22.12 @ 06:12 PM)
Penny Withers says:

What wonderful pictures. They are just beautiful, fun, playful and serious. Terrrific!!!!

(08.22.12 @ 06:15 PM)
Pat Jacobs says:

A wonderful variety of poses and settings. They look wonderful - great photography!

(08.22.12 @ 06:25 PM)
Helena says:

Really gorgeous, Royce looks amazing. The pics really do capture the two of you. ;)

(08.22.12 @ 06:28 PM)
Chris W says:

U***C***LLLLLLLLL*AAAAAAAA!!! Lookin good!

(08.22.12 @ 06:31 PM)
Tod Corrin says:

Great pictures! I like the beach shots best. It looks like you really were having fun. Looking forward to the wedding photos.

(08.22.12 @ 06:58 PM)
Beth Corrin says:

I I am so impressed with the quality of the photos. So beautiful and fun locations. Very well thought out, clothes and all. If the engagement photos are this amazing - can't wait for the wedding ones!!!

(08.22.12 @ 07:09 PM)
Sheryl sparks says:

Awesome pictures to match an amazing couple. Congratulations!

(08.22.12 @ 07:14 PM)
carrie says:

WOW...awesome couple and an awesome photographer...cant wait to see the wedding pics....CONGRATULATIONS

(08.22.12 @ 08:27 PM)
Tim says:

Congrats...enjoy every moment...

(08.22.12 @ 09:57 PM)
Brian and Anna says:

Amazing photos... absolutely stunning!!

(08.22.12 @ 10:12 PM)
Julia says:

Absolutely gorgeous images!! Love all the locations!! Amazing!!

(08.22.12 @ 10:29 PM)
kim perez says:

The pictures came out amazing. I can't wait too see how the wedding photos come out!

(08.22.12 @ 10:44 PM)
amanda strickland says:

Wow!!! I LOVE them; i may have even teared up a bit....maybe :)

(08.22.12 @ 11:42 PM)
Mete says:

Awesome pictures. You, two, look wonderful together.

(08.23.12 @ 01:33 AM)
Shaun Kerr says:

Very very nice....the cowboy hat pics are great. Looks like and ad in a magazine.

(08.23.12 @ 03:16 AM)
karen yip says:

FANTASTIC! Can't wait for the wedding. Abby you look fantastic - make sure you order a bunch of these. You'll probably not take pictures like this for a long while (besides the ones in the wedding dress I mean) :-) I love that you went to so many places.

(08.23.12 @ 08:06 AM)
Melody Gregorio says:

These are awesome! You're an adorable couple. I love them all. Cute poses, wonderful settings.

(08.23.12 @ 09:28 AM)
Shirley says:

Thank you for sharing and Congratulations!

(08.23.12 @ 10:12 AM)
Shelby Vautherine says:

These pictures are awesome! Love the locations and the the way the photography captures the moods!

(08.23.12 @ 10:44 AM)
Ayca Kostem says:

WOW, these are amazing! I love how each set shows a different side of you guys' personality! So happy for you! Xx aych

(08.23.12 @ 11:02 AM)
Donna Huff says:

The pictures are beautiful!

(08.23.12 @ 11:30 AM)
graham parks says:

Beautiful pictures! Loved the different settings. Favored the cowboy shots at the park. I finally get a daughter!

(08.23.12 @ 12:33 PM)
Holly says:

Thanks for sharing! The pictures and settings are great! Enjoy every minute.

(08.23.12 @ 01:44 PM)
Anessa Enslin says:

what beautiful pictures! very happy for the beautiful couple! Congratulations!

(08.23.12 @ 02:43 PM)
Robyn Harold says:

Great photos, great couple!!

(08.23.12 @ 06:40 PM)
Brandy Tobin says:

You two make a beautiful couple!! So happy for you both!

(08.23.12 @ 06:52 PM)
Sue Larson says:

Be-a-u-ti-ful photographs of a very special couple!

(08.23.12 @ 09:05 PM)
Stacey Tran says:

Thanks for sharing these pictures Abigail. These photos are amazing. Love the cowboy shots. Congratulations to you and Brian!

(08.24.12 @ 10:24 AM)
Robert Hamilton says:

What is going on behind the cowboy hat??? Might be my fav

(08.24.12 @ 10:24 AM)
Apryll says:

Amazing pictures!! Can't wait to see the Wedding pictures!! Congrats to you both!

(08.24.12 @ 11:02 AM)
Robert Hamilton says:

My vote is for the beautiful beach picture where you (abby) are looking at the camera and brain is looking away. I could never have a side shot like that because I have a big nose. Great pictures.

(08.24.12 @ 11:09 AM)
Chase Linsley says:

Fantastic photos! My favorites: you two are standing in front of a wall at UCLA and Abby is resting her head on Brian's shoulder and he is looking at her (I also like the one where Abby is looking back) AND basically all the beach photos - well done! Can't wait for the wedding

(08.24.12 @ 12:13 PM)
brian mcmorran says:

Gorgeous pictures! The UCLA ones are great!

(08.24.12 @ 01:35 PM)
Pat Spillman says:

Great pictures! My favorites are the first one, and the color picture where Abigail, in the red dress, is looking into the camera, and Brian is looking off to the side. So beautiful!

(08.24.12 @ 04:30 PM)
kevin parks says:

Wonderful pictures!! I especially enjoy the beach ones. Looking forward to the wedding!

(08.24.12 @ 05:10 PM)
Diana Borzi says:

Those were fantastic...but with those two love birds how could they not be. Great ideas, great poses, great scenery. You look beautiful Abby!

(08.24.12 @ 10:34 PM)
Diana Borzi says:

I like them ALL. You look beautiful Abby. And your groom to be is quite handsome.

(08.24.12 @ 10:35 PM)
Rosie Shelton says:

Abby and Brian.....You both look fabulous!! Pictures represent you both so very well! Lots of LOVE
coming through in the pics!! Can't wait for the wedding!!! Cowboys shots really sexy!!!

(08.25.12 @ 01:15 AM)
kevin parks says:

Wonderful pictures!! I especially enjoy the beach ones. Looking forward to the wedding!

(08.25.12 @ 10:09 AM)
Daniel Fort says:

Makes me want to break out in song--
Riding on the range, I've got my hat - on, I've got my boots - dusty.
I've got my saddle On my horse. He's called....T-t-t-t-t-trigger Of course.
I wanna be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl I wanna be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl I wanna be a cowboy

(08.25.12 @ 10:29 AM)
Melissa Iriarte says:

Love the ones on the beach in the red dress! Beautiful! Can't wait for your wedding!!

(08.25.12 @ 11:05 AM)
Scott W says:

I never knew Brian was so cowboy-eeee! Lookin good guy,! Congrats!

(08.25.12 @ 11:10 AM)
Tyler Shelton says:

Lots of smiles and lots of love. Great pictures.

(08.25.12 @ 11:13 AM)
Margaret Blair says:

Love your pictures!! Wonderful variety showing your personalities :-)

(08.25.12 @ 11:22 PM)
Kathleen Grantham says:

Those are beautiful photos. The ones at the beach with the sand,sea, and sky behind you two lovebirds are my favorites. Looks like you are enjoying yourself. Of course Abby has always been a ham. Brian is a patient man!

(08.25.12 @ 11:33 PM)
Craig Woodberry says:

The pictures are lovely! Congratulations!

(08.26.12 @ 07:41 AM)
amanda says:

LOVE IT!!!!!

(08.27.12 @ 09:30 PM)
Jeremy says:

Cant wait for the wedding. Your pictures are beautiful.

(08.27.12 @ 09:34 PM)
Jenevieve Polin says:

What a cute couple! Looks like I better brush up on my Boot Scootin' Boogie for the reception.

(08.28.12 @ 07:36 PM)
stephanie altieri says:

What a Beautiful couple! Abby so happy for you! Can't wait to see wedding day pics!

(08.30.12 @ 11:02 AM)
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I am so thrilled to say that one of my favorite weddings from 2011 was featured today on, one of the best wedding blogs out there. I just loved so many elements of this wedding, starting with the most important one, the bride and groom. Both Cyndi and Eric were edgy in style and as nice as can be. A killer combo, right?! They speckled details of their style throughout the wedding day from the cool invites to Eric's band Of The Seven playing personalized songs throughout their ceremony. The whole day, from start to finish, was a dream for me to capture. 

Screen shot 2012-01-20 at 8.37.51 PM.png
Here's the first part of my blog post on Cyndi and Eric's wedding if you would like to see more ... Cyndi and Eric, Part 1

Inspired By This Badge.jpeg

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So ... a couple of weeks ago, Cyndi and Eric said their I Do's at the lovely Smog Shoppe, one of the coolest venues around. It truly was amazing with their lovely personalities and spot on style. I couldn't get enough of the music (yes, they had Eric's band play during the ceremony), the charisma of the guests and the easiness exuding from both Cyndi and Eric throughout the day. I really, truly LOVE this wedding and actually have to do two separate postings to get close to capturing it in a blog. :-) Check it out!

Inspired By This Badge.jpeg

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amanda doublin says:

these are almost cute as you!!!! steffers i lurves these so much!

(09.09.11 @ 08:18 PM)
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Kira and Jonathan got hitched ... yippee! They got married at Wayfarer's Chapel in Palos Verdes which just happens to be where my mom and dad got married many, many years ago so this beauty of a place has special meaning for me. What a treat to photograph such an awesome couple there. Both Kira and Jonathan were so calm, cool and collected the whole day. Everything was smooth, from their first look to the traditional Vietnamese reception. It was a special treat to see Kara dressed up in a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress. Loved it!

WayfarersChapel 001.jpg
WayfarersChapel 002.jpgWayfarersChapel 003.jpgWayfarersChapel 004.jpgWayfarersChapel 005.jpgWayfarersChapel 006.jpgWayfarersChapel 007.jpgWayfarersChapel 008.jpgWayfarersChapel 009.jpgWayfarersChapel 010.jpg
WayfarersChapel 011.jpgWayfarersChapel 012.jpgWayfarersChapel 013.jpg

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Priscilla says:

Kira and Jonathans wedding pictures look beautiful. Stephanie Ann did a great job taking pictures of these two love birds in the beautiful scenery. :D Can I have my picture removed and put the two flower girls picture up instead? hehe

(04.14.11 @ 04:04 PM)
Amanda Pfeiffer says:

Great Photos! Jonathan and Kira look amaziing! The expression on Jonathan's face when he sees Kira is such a Kodak Moment! The photos capture the moments perfectly.

(04.14.11 @ 04:37 PM)
Amanda Patrice says:

I love them all, but the photo of his face at the first look is priceless!

(04.15.11 @ 10:33 AM)
Genti Rama says:

Beautiful pictures! Unforgettable moments!

(04.17.11 @ 02:56 AM)
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