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WEDDING | Part One

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Amy and Ethan are just about the funniest couple I have ever worked with. They are always goofing around, making this session one of my favorites. I think my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. They have quite the personalities and I had a ball capturing them and their fun relationship. Amy and Ethan take their Domo doll on all of their travels to take his pictures in every place they go. So, what a perfect thing to include in a couple of their engagement pictures, right?! I adore these guys and cannot WAIT for their wedding! It's going to be an epic one :-)

Downtown Fullerton Engagement session 01.jpg
Downtown Fullerton Engagement session 02.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 03.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 04.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 05.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 06.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 07.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 08.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 09.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 10.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 11.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 12.jpgDowntown Fullerton Engagement session 13.jpg
Downtown Fullerton Engagement session 14.jpg

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Josh says:

Wow, those are great! And knowing you two, I couldn't help but chuckle at some of them haha :)

(06.30.11 @ 04:54 PM)
Chris says:

Ethan has some great looking legs in heels...I also cant believe your three kids have such big teeth already.

(06.30.11 @ 05:20 PM)
allie says:

amazing photos. amazing couple. Love them all. Can't wait for the big day!!! xo

(06.30.11 @ 05:25 PM)
Sharon Roghaar says:

These are beautiful! Can't wait to meet Ethan and see you again,

(06.30.11 @ 06:07 PM)
Heidi Jarrett says:

Awwww! Have you ever seen two cuter kids, err adults?

(06.30.11 @ 06:57 PM)
Jane & Charlie Fellous says:

The pictures are fantastic. Hope the rest of your life together will be as much fun!

(06.30.11 @ 07:38 PM)
Sugar Branch Events says:

Amy + Ethan! These turned out awesome!! Love Stephanie's style and she captured your guys' personality perfectly! :) Amy you look gorgeous! Bring on Oct. 1, 2011!!! Can't wait! - B & L xoxo

(06.30.11 @ 08:07 PM)
Bugbee says:

Sweet pics! I agree with what Stephanie wrote about you two; she nailed it. Stoked for the wedding...and open bar. Love ya crazy folks!

(06.30.11 @ 09:03 PM)
Uncle Brent & Aunt Cheryl says:

The two of you look fantastic...such fun pix. E, in some of your pix you look so much like Chris; it's eerie.......We'll see you Saturday.

(06.30.11 @ 11:24 PM)
Bill Pearson says:

Great photos! I agree it looked like a fun photo shoot. Looking forward to more fun times ahead!

(06.30.11 @ 11:26 PM)
Anita Pearson says:

I LOVE the pictures! Everytime I look at them, they make me smile. This is just a preview - can't wait for the big day!

(06.30.11 @ 11:52 PM)
andrea crespo says:

You guys look like you had a blast! Amy you look beautiful! Can't wait to see you for the big day :)

(07.01.11 @ 06:58 AM)
Kristen Sorensen says:

What great pictures! Amy you look absolutely beautiful!!!! Congrats!

(07.01.11 @ 08:21 AM)
Jill Lahey says:

Beautiful, creative and definitely non-traditional. May your life together be as exciting, innovating and loving as the pictures.

(07.01.11 @ 09:14 AM)
Papple's says:

Quirky. Love them. Very artistic and fun! Cute couple!

(07.01.11 @ 09:30 AM)
Gretchen says:

These photos have captured the true essence of Amy and Ethan. Good job! C u soon.

(07.01.11 @ 10:16 AM)
Constance Bonanni says:

WOW ! Ethan, Amy is beautiful.
Amy, you got quite a catch as well. You will love being in the Jarrett fam.
Loved the pics. Looks like everyone had fun. Can't wait for the wedding.
It will be our 35th Anniversary on your Wedding Day.

(07.01.11 @ 10:55 AM)
Dick & Mary Clark says:

How different the photos are, I love them. Yes, they are a cute couple.

(07.01.11 @ 12:27 PM)
Carolyn Jonson says:

Let the creativity flow---What fun!! We're waiting to see what the wedding will reveal.

(07.01.11 @ 01:13 PM)
Cheryl Chadwick says:

Loved the creative and absolutely beautiful...looking forward to October 1st!!!

(07.01.11 @ 03:09 PM)
Paul Combs says:

What a sweet couple!!! You two deserve each other--you both re so special. We wish we could come to your wedding. May God bless your marriage...Paul and Antoinette

(07.01.11 @ 06:35 PM)
TAYLOR says:

Great Pictures guys! I like the Domo ones.

(07.01.11 @ 06:38 PM)
Caitlin Jeffs says:

You guys are adorable!!! Your photog did a fantastic job. I love you Aims, this captures you two so well! :-) cant wait to see how all the wedding shots come out.

(07.01.11 @ 09:05 PM)
cousin heidi says:

LOVED the pics! Especially the black and white one of you all kissing at the California and the color one taken from above. The last picture of you, Amy, is stunning! I enjoyed all the fun ones too! Mom is right, Ethan, you DO look eerily similar to Chris in some of the pictures.

(07.02.11 @ 03:34 AM)
Uncle Dave, Aunt Lisa and Gramps says:

Great pictures! I am wondering if you are taking your Dormo's on your honeymoon? We can't wait to see you. You are a lovely couple.

(07.02.11 @ 08:47 AM)
Ellen Jefferson says:

I love your Pictures Amy!!

(07.02.11 @ 06:26 PM)
Amy Lester says:

What a riot you two are great, fit right in w/the family welcome Amy from the other Amy, Congrats and thanx for sharing, Love yas, "Old" Amy Lester

(07.04.11 @ 07:30 AM)
Jan and Roy says:

We so enjoyed your photos and look forward to the fun in Oct.

(07.04.11 @ 10:07 AM)
Linda Luke says:

Love the photos - appear to capture who you are! Looking forward to your big day in October.

(07.04.11 @ 11:35 AM)
Rick Luke says:

Amy and Ethan, Great pictures, I emjoyed them. See you in October.

(07.04.11 @ 11:55 AM)
Lindsey Sage says:

I LOVE THESE!!! The mix of patterns, color, backgrounds, and of course personality are perfect!!! Such a beautiful couple and memorable photos!! Love you guys!! Can't wait for the wedding!!

(07.05.11 @ 12:34 PM)
Regina & Toby says:

Great pics!!! I love the artistic look about them :) Looking forward to the bid day!

(07.05.11 @ 02:44 PM)
Sybill and Ralph says:

Those are so awesome. She really captured your personalities along with your cute faces and gorgeous legs!!!

(07.05.11 @ 03:24 PM)
Chris says:

By the way what the hell is a Domo? I thought they were your adopted kids. P.S. Ethan this is your cousin Chris. Ethan don't you feel lucky to look like your knucklehead cousin, Ugh...

(07.05.11 @ 11:27 PM)
Lauren says:

Your pictures are amazing! You both look so great. Congrats and good luck to you both!

(07.06.11 @ 09:38 AM)
gretchen loufek says:

Love the pictures. You captured their essence - I couldn't help but chuckle and smile. This first one is my fav. I like the textures, contrasts and artistic composition, great photography and a most handsome and happy couple. They are full of life.

(07.06.11 @ 09:42 AM)
Brad says:

What a hoot! The photos are wonderful - Love the dolls! Can only say that the humor will get you through so much together... never lose the laughter!

(07.06.11 @ 09:48 AM)
Kristy says:

Amazing! I love that these aren't typical engagement photos. This captures you perfectly Amy - so pretty and fun!

(07.06.11 @ 09:56 AM)
Kristen says:

Love Love Love guys look so great! Especially you Amy so beautiful!!! Just amazing :)

(07.06.11 @ 10:12 AM)
Debbie says:

Charming and mischievously fun! All the best to you on your travels together Amy & Ethan . . . Domo dolls and all.

(07.07.11 @ 03:05 PM)
Karri Huisman says:

Love the pics! Looks like a great time was had at the photo shoot! Can't wait to see you both in October!

(07.08.11 @ 12:26 PM)
Bree says:

Amy! So beautiful! Looks like you had a blast and I can't wait for the wedding!

(07.10.11 @ 07:28 PM)
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