First, I must say that I am lucky enough to work with the world's coolest brides EVER! They are always nice and have the greatest sense of style which lends to my editorial style of shooting for sure. I absolutely LOVE capturing their unique personalities and the emotional interactions which show through to my camera whether they are laughing, doing a happy cry, or simply smiling with their husband to be. Although I truly love shooting all of the gorgeous details, a lot of times it's just the simple gesture of a glance or the holding of hands that makes my own heart smile during a wedding. Or, even the little moments within a moment, like the look right before a kiss or the groom admiring his bride without her noticing. Those are almost always my favorite images! 

So you can get to know me and what makes me tick a little more, here are a few my favorite inspirations in life ... 
... My daughters' laughter. 
... My husband's humorous personality. This guy has a warped sense of humor and I absolutely love it.
... Cooking. I love cooking which is a newer discovery thanks to Giada de Laurentis and Ina Garten. I can actually put together a gourmet meal fairly easily nowadays. 
... Music. I heart music. My favorites are The Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Cotton Jones, Sunny Day Real Estate, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Vetiver, Glenn Miller Band (yes, that's right) and so many more. 
... Flea markets. I am such a sucker for a great vintage find. My house is full of them and I love that! 
... Farmer's Markets. They always suck me in, those food booths with the most gorgeous fruits and vegetables. I think it makes me feel like Martha Stewart a wee bit. I also think it makes me an automatic chef. I swear it works! 
... Domino Magazine. Why oh why did they have to stop producing? At least I have my Domino style book.
... Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and J.Crew catalogues.
... I listen to KJazz on my way to almost every photo session. It definitely releases the creativity. 
... Both daughters' artwork. I have it framed throughout the house and can't get enough of it. 
... A good read. I recommend The Art Of Racing In The Rain, Memoirs Of A Geisha, The Hunger Games, Water For Elephants. If you have any recommendations for me, please send them my way!
... Even the smell of a book store. Just walking into Barnes and Noble makes me happy. 
... Red Velvet cupcakes from The Perfect Circle in old town Orange. Everyone and their mom should stop by and try one.
... Pretty much any M&M cookie, chocolate chip cookie, brownie and chocolate cake will put me in a great mood. 
... Wine. Beer. Vodka and soda with lemon. (it's low calorie too girls :-)) 

Here are some random facts as well ... 
... I usually read my magazines from the back to the front. Don't know why but it's just the way I read. Maybe because Bon Apetit puts the desserts in the back???
... I like to do a little freestyle walking sometimes. 
... I tend to break out in random songs. I am also horrible at  remembering the exact words to songs so it makes me even more obnoxious during these moments.
... I worked at an advertising agency for three years before realizing that it was NOT meant for me. I learned a ton there and am happy to have made so many wonderful friends though. Totally worth it!
... I was a competitive ice skater during my formative years. This means I still randomly do an axle or spin in my socks to this day. And, no, I do not watch ice skating much.
... I'm a fast typer :-)
... I can crochet a mean beanie but nothing else.

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